The Las Olas Isles Homeowners Association (LOIHA) is a voluntary association of homeowners on the following isles: Isle of Palms, Royal Plaza Dr., Coral Way, San Marco Dr., Lido, Bontona, Coconut Isle, Isle of Capri and Mola.  Collectively, our isles represent over 300 households. 

LOIHA’s goal is to make living on our isles more enjoyable and secure, and to protect and enhance the substantial value we have represented in our homes and properties.  We also strive to provide a collective voice in matters of interest to us in the City, and to provide a vehicle to effectively and efficiently communicate and share information of common interest to our members.

LOIHA's affairs are governed by a Board of Directors, which includes representatives from each of our isles who are elected by our members.  Four members of the Board are elected to serve as President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary each year.  LOIHA holds its Annual Meeting each Spring and a Semi-Annual Meeting in the Fall.  All of our homeowner members are encouraged to attend and participate in these meetings.

LOIHA is supported by the  annual dues paid by our participating homeowner members.  The dues are used to fund a variety of projects that benefit our homeowner members, including a private security patrol of our neighborhoods.  This is separate and in addition to the on-duty police presence the City provides in our neighborhoods.

The Board of LOIHA welcomes and encourages all homeowners on our beautiful isles to become active members of LOIHA!