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Fort Lauderdale Happenings
  • A meeting regarding the City's Stormwater Master Plan, including the plan for the Las Olas Isles neighborhoods, will be held March 6, 2017 at 7pm on the 8th Floor of City Hall.  City staff and the City's outside consulting firm will provide an overview of the project and take input and questions from residents.  The meeting should take about an hour.
  • Access the City's web site for more information about the happenings around Fort Lauderdale here.
  • Access information about FDOT road, highway, and bridge construction projects in and around Fort Lauderdale.


Notice of LOIHA Annual Spring Meeting

        DATE:   Sunday, April 30, 2017

         TIME:    4:00 p.m.    Registration

                       4:30 p.m.    Meeting

LOCATION:    Lauderdale Yacht Club

                        1725 SE 12th Street
                        Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33316
                        (954 ) 524-5500 (directions)

Dinner following meeting included for paid LOIHA members.  $25 per person for eligible LOIHA residents who have not paid their 2017 dues. 

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.  We will be electing our 2017-2018 Board Members at this meeting.

Thanks and Be On The Lookout!
  •  Annual dues notices for 2017 were sent out during December 2016 and reminders will be distributed in March 2017.  Thanks to our many neighbors who have already responded.  If you have not yet responded, please make a note to do so soon!

LOIHA Annual Spring Meeting

  • LOIHA's Annual Spring Meeting is typically held in April each year.  Stay tuned for updates regarding date, time and place.  Notices will also be mailed to LOIHA members.
Las Olas Isles Drains and Tidal Valves
  • The City's project to install approximately 27 new drains and tidal valves in our LOIHA neighborhoods is essentially complete.  A few isolated locations may still experience "pipe bursting" operations needed to install new outfall pipes in place of older deteriorated or broken pipes. LOIHA requests our neighbors to continue to cooperate with the City and its contractor (GPE) so that the project can be completed as soon as possible!  Thank you!

Berms and Flood Control Project
  • The City's project to install berms and catch basins to help control flooding on our streets during the seasonal high tides is nearing completion.  Flood control berms have been constructed adjacent the ends of the canals between Lido Drive and Coral Way and have been sodded with salt tolerant grass to enhance their appearance.  Street curbs have been extended and wrapped around the heads of several streets, and concrete spillways constructed to direct excess water off the streets and into the catch basins.  The City has repaved the heads of several streets to crown the roadway and direct standing water into the spillways.  We expect the project to be complete within the next month or so and are hopeful these improvements will help alleviate street flooding issues at several locations.
FDOT Tidal Valve Project
  • We have been advised that FDOT has completed a design to install one-way tidal valves on its drains along Las Olas Blvd. adjacent our LOIHA neighborhoods.  These drains have been a major culprit in causing flooding of our streets during seasonal high tides.  The City has done its part to update the City's drains in our neighborhoods, but the City does not control FDOT's drains.  We are advised that FDOT intends to begin implementing its plan starting some time in the first half of 2017.  That is probably too late for the Spring 2017 high tides, but it is at least some positive progress.
Short Term Vacation Rental Ordinance
  •  The City's short term vacation rental ordinance has been in effect for some time now.  Although it seems to be working well, if you experience problems, please contact Code Enforcement.  In an emergency, contact FLPD.  Further information can be found on the City's web site here.

New Seawall Ordinance

  • The City has enacted a new ordinance specifying the minimum and maximum heights of newly constructed and repaired seawalls.  Read the new ordinance here.
Questions?  Contact your Board Members
  • As always, if you have questions or suggestions, please contact any of the LOIHA Board Members or Officers!  We're happy to hear from you.