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Fort Lauderdale Happenings
  • Check out Vice Mayor and District II Commissioner Dean Trantalis' April 2017 Newsletter.
  • Access the City's web site for more information about the happenings around Fort Lauderdale here.
  • Access information about FDOT road, highway, and bridge construction projects in and around Fort Lauderdale.


LOIHA Annual Spring Meeting Recap

  •  Thanks to all our LOIHA neighbors who attended our LOIHA Annual Meeting April 30 at LYC.  The turnout was excellent and it was good to see many of our old neighbors and also meet some new ones!
  • Thanks also to Vice Mayor and District II Commissioner Dean Trantalis and Senior Assistant City Manager Hal Barnes for attending and sharing a lot of interesting and valuable information with us about what's going on in the City and our neighborhoods.
  • Stay tuned for details about our Semi-Annual Fall Meeting later this summer.  We are considering a potential change in format for the Fall Meeting.
FP&L Utilities Undergrounding Project
  • The long-awaited FP&L utility undergrounding project is finally showing some progress thanks to years of effort by Ken Cooper, and more recently Tom Godart and Dean Trantalis.  Recently, FP&L completed a design for locating ground-based transformers in our LOIHA neighborhoods.  The plans are available for inspection by any interested neighbors.  In addition, the project manager has recently marked the proposed locations in orange paint on our neighborhood streets so we can go outside and take a look!  In most instances, the proposed locations coincide with the locations of existing utility poles with transformers mounted on them.  When this project is complete, all of those poles and dangling wires will go away and our neighborhoods will have a much nicer and more attractive look!
  • Stay tuned for further notices both from LOIHA and the City concerning project developments.
FDOT Tidal Valve Project
  • We have been advised that FDOT has completed a design to install one-way tidal valves on its drains along Las Olas Blvd. adjacent our LOIHA neighborhoods.  These drains have been a major culprit in causing flooding of our streets during seasonal high tides.  The City has done its part to update the City's drains in our neighborhoods, but the City does not control FDOT's drains.  We are advised that FDOT intends to begin implementing its plan starting some time in the first half of 2017.  That is probably too late for the Spring 2017 high tides, but it is at least some positive progress.
Short Term Vacation Rental Ordinance
  •  The City's short term vacation rental ordinance has been in effect for some time now.  If you experience problems with short term rentals in our LOIHA neighborhoods, please contact Code Enforcement.  In an emergency, contact FLPD.  Further information can be found on the City's web site here.

New Seawall Ordinance

  • The City has enacted a new ordinance specifying the minimum and maximum heights of newly constructed and repaired seawalls.  Read the new ordinance here.
Questions?  Contact your Board Members
  • As always, if you have questions or suggestions, please contact any of the LOIHA Board Members or Officers!  We're happy to hear from you.