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Fort Lauderdale Happenings
  • See the September 2016 newsletter from Vice Mayor District II Commissioner Dean Trantalis here.
  • See the City's August 2016 news letter with information concerning upcoming events and other information of interest to residents and visitors here.

  • Access the City's web site for more information here.



LOIHA Semi-Annual Fall Meeting

    • Registration:  4:00 p.m. (LYC Lounge)
    • Meeting:        4:30 p.m.  
      • Buffet to follow.
    • Members (Voting): Free of charge
    • Non-Members (Non-Voting):  $25 per person
King Tides Notice
  • The King Tide Season is here again.  King Tides are expected to occur:
    • September 16-21
    • October 14-21
    • November 12-18
    • December 12-16
  • Please be alert for standing water and use caution and good sense when deciding whether to drive or walk through!  Report all standing water and any clogged drains to the City either using the City's Lauderserv app, or by calling (954) 828-8000.
  • For more information, check the City's web site here.
Traffic Updates
  • Reconstruction of the low level bridges off Las Olas Blvd. to Royal Palm Dr., Nurmi Dr., Fiesta Way, and Isle of Venice is at long last completed and all traffic lanes are now open!  Finally!
Las Olas Isles Drains and Tidal Valves
  • Good news!  The City's contractor GPE is in the process of installing approximately 27 new drains and tidal valves in our LOIHA neighborhoods.  The work has been slow, but progress is being made.  Much of the planned work to replace drains and install new valves has been completed, but work is still in progress on several streetsIn addition,at several locations on Mola, Isle of Capri, Bontona, San Marco, Coral Way, Royal Plaza, and Isle of Palms, once the new drains are installed, existing pipes will have to be "bursted" before tidal valves are installed.  The "bursting" process will require access to the outflow pipes either from the street or, in some cases, the water side of some properties.  LOIHA requests our neighbors to cooperate with the City and its contractor so that all of the new drains and tidal valves can be installed and functional as soon as possible!  Thank you!

Short Term Vacation Rental Ordinance
  •  The City Commission recently enacted amendments to the short term vacation rental ordinance to further limit maximum occupancy to 2 persons per "bedroom," provide FLPD with the authority to immediately issue civil citations in response to neighbor complaints, and strengthen penalties for non-compliance.  The City also plans to publish the contact information for persons in charge of registered rental properties so neighbors with complaints can contact them directly.  Further information can be found on the City's web site here.

New Seawall Ordinance

  • The City has enacted a new ordinance specifying the minimum and maximum heights of newly constructed and repaired seawalls.  Read the new ordinance here.